About Us

My name is Patricia Carter. I am a mother, wife, small business owner, dog lover and total cheapskate. I love getting outdoors especially when the weather is warm. For my outdoor activities, I love places that include water in the scenery. I also love cooking, entertaining, running, reading, writing, taking pictures of my adorable daughter and other kids and I love spending time with my family.

I began hotmomeyblog.com in 2018 to help Americans manage their finances better. My passion to see that you have a firm grasp of your money is traceable to my work and to my personal life. Money is such an important issue in our lives that can change our standard of living and the goals and dreams that we reach.

I have worked in the Personal Finance industry since 1999 helping families plan for retirement, reduce taxes, eliminate unnecessary expenses and plan their estates. The years in the industry have made me a personal finance, budgeting and money saving nerd. I am constantly seeking out ways to cut costs, lower my family’s budget and live on less. My passion is to see these things happen for other people as well.

The principles and ideas that I will be sharing on this blog have helped many people live the life that they want with the money that they have. I have seen through my work the advice that works for personal finance and the advice that doesn’t work. One method may work for someone but fail woefully with someone else. Yet, there are proven methods that everyone can use to take charge of their finances. These financial principles are what I would be sharing with you on the blog.

I won’t be running the blog alone though. My awesome husband Edwin Carter will be pouring his experience into it as well. Edwin is a realtor and financial consultant and he has worked with an Insurance company for eight years now. He spends his time away from work researching on ways to earn from home and he has been doing this for almost half of his life.

Edwin has extensive knowledge on how you can make more money, manage what you have and live the life of your dreams. We apply these financial principles in our own lives and we cannot wait to share them with you. We would like to help people as much as we can who are finding it difficult to save and to make money from home. If you need some advice on personal finance, then you are in the right place. The blog includes tips on saving, investing, insurance, mortgage, handling debt, credit cards, taking loans, making more money, what you need to know about taxes and how to budget.

If you are someone who needs help with any of these categories or who just wants to get more financial education, then Hot Money Blog is the best place you should be. We know you will enjoy the blog and welcome.