Best Freelance Writing Websites to Make Money Fast

Whether you are looking to supplement an existing job or to eventually transition from the brick and mortar job to work at home method of earning a living, becoming an online freelance writer can satisfy either goal.

There is no monetary investment and the ability to make money from home as a writer is limitless.

The trick to earning money online is to remain focused and understand the nature of the online writing arena.

15 Best Freelance Writing Websites for Writers    

Freelance platforms aim to create a connection between freelancers and gigs providers. Some freelance websites are designed to accommodate different kinds of freelance services, while other freelance sites specialize in a particular niche.

Websites such as DesignHill, 99Designs, DesignCrowd, Fiverr, etc. are good freelance websites for those who provide services for the graphic design niche.

Other niches such as data entry, social media marketing, software development, and financial analysis have websites such as Toptal, Gigster, WordPress, etc., to cater for freelancers under those niches.

However, this article is aimed at providing freelance writers with relevant information on the best freelance writing websites where they can provide their services and earn both passive and full-time income.

These freelance writing sites are also suited for writers with different proficiency levels and offer a lot of opportunities for both beginners and experts in the freelance writing industry.

The 15 Best Freelance Writing Websites for Writers include the following:



One of the top freelance writing sites for writers is FlexJobs. It provides an avenue for professional writers to be able to find writing gigs from potential clients.

FlexJobs make sure that all writers on the platform are screened, and their accounts are verified to ensure that the system is free from scams. The verification and screening exercise also helps to reduce and eliminate issues that have to do with low-paying gigs.

You may need to sign up and pay a compulsory subscription fee before you can get access to writing gigs on this platform.



upwork freelancing website

Upwork is a very popular freelance writing website. It is a marketplace where freelance services for different niches are sought after. Upwork offers freelance writers a platform to bid for both long and short term writing jobs.

The website has built a strong reputation over the years and has helped many writers to develop their writing skills and offer their services in the freelance marketplace.



Guru – freelance writing website

Guru makes the list of the 15 best freelance writing websites because it allows potential clients to see your past work when going through your profile. It allows freelancers to set a standard rate to ease the hiring process.

One key feature of Guru is that it affords freelancers the opportunity of selecting their level of expertise and skill. Potential clients can easily source for writers by going through their profiles.



BloggingPro – freelance writing website

Businesses can find skills and expertise on the BloggingPro freelance writing site. There are no screening process for writers and clients on this website, so the onus rests on you to carry out proper verification before dealing with anyone on the platform.

As a freelance writer, you can use this platform to search for jobs without paying any fee. BloggingPro, as the name implies, is mostly used by bloggers to find publishing and editing gigs. However, freelance writers can also get writing jobs by using the BloggingPro website.



iWriter – freelance writing website

With the iWriter freelance websites, both experienced and new writers can have access to potential clients. Writers are expected to write a 250-word piece before they can join the website.

Their ability to select writing jobs is dependent on the outcome of their results. Some writers begin as standard writers and subsequently progress to higher writing levels.

freelance-writer-websites – Writing website is a freelance writing site that connects writers with large corporations and small business owners. With the site, freelance writers can bid for long or short time projects.



Craiglist – listing website

Craiglist is a good freelance writing website where writers can offer their services. Finding high paying gigs may not be easy, but with patience, you may be able to get good-paying offers.

Writing job opportunities on Craiglist is dependent on your location. You may need to be wary of scammers or clients that offer low paying jobs.

ebyline-freelancing-websites is a popular freelance writing site that is suitable for writers who are into journalism. After creating your profile on this platform, you are required to posts excerpts of your published work from a recognized media house.

A successful application means that you are qualified to get jobs from brands.



People-Per-Hour is a freelance writing site that gives writers the opportunity to create their profiles and offer their services to potential clients. It is designed with a built-in communication feature to help improve communication between clients and freelance writers.

Writer Access


Writer Access – freelance website

Writer Access makes the list of our 15 best freelance writing websites because it boasts of competent writers. The website has over 15,000 writers who are experienced in creating white papers, blog posts, case studies, research findings, etc.

It also provides users with tools that can help them effectively carry out keyword research. It is, however, limited to residents of Australia, the United States, the UK, South Africa, Ireland, and Canada.


Textbroker-freelance writing site


If you are a freelance writer and you need a freelance writing site to help find prospective clients, then Textbroker could be a viable option. You can sign up for free on the textbroker site and get unrestricted access to many writing jobs. You can improve your writing skills by using the writing tools available on the website.




Fiverr is a popular freelance website where writers and sellers from other niches can offer their services to prospective clients. The lowest pay a freelancer can get for a job on Fiverr is $5. The application on the site is free and easy.

Constant Content

Constant Content-freelance-websites

Constant Content freelance writing website

There are over 100,000 writers who are registered on this platform. These writers help to create blog posts, social media, and web content for over 50,000 business owners. You can sign up on the platform and start applying for writing jobs in your area of expertise.



Mediabistro – freelance writing website

MediaBistro is a popular freelance writing website where writers can search for different jobs according to their location. It provides job opportunities for creating written content for media and other general purposes.

All Freelance Writing - freelance-writer-website

All Freelance Writing Website

Writers can explore this freelance writing website to find available writing gigs. There are regular writing job listings on this platform. Each advertised writing jobs usually come with an estimated pay rate.


Freelance writing is a sure way for you to make money either as a side hustle or as a full-time job. The above-listed freelance websites may be helpful for writers who are looking for platforms to make money through freelance writing.