15 Best Legit Work From Home Jobs That You Will Love

After a few years with formal jobs, you realize that the best way to make money is basically from work from home jobs. Work from home jobs allows you to spend more time with your family at the same time; help cut down the time spent in traffic.

Regardless of the reasons why you want to work from home, you will need great business ideas to be successful with your new job. Work from home jobs is a small business option that would significantly increase your income.

Speaking of small business, it’s not what you must be thinking right now. You are going to make a lot of money from your small business once you have the perfect business ideas.

In this article, I have compiled a list of the best work from home jobs you can do from home. With these beautiful business ideas, your small business is set to make money beyond your imaginations.

Here is some work from home jobs to consider when starting a small business.

  1. Production Of Home-Made Food
  2. Art And Crafts
  3. Pet Hosting
  4. Sale Of Imported Products
  5. E-commerce Business
  6. Coaching
  7. Room Rental
  8. Photography/Videography
  9. Event Planner/Coordinator
  10. Virtual Assistant
  11. Private Teacher
  12. Web Content Writer
  13. Language Translator
  14. Web Developer
  15. Transcription Of Texts

Below are some of the best legitimate work from home jobs that would create a passive income for you in no time.

Be sure to make money consistently from the comfort of your home with any of these business ideas.

1. Production Of Home-made food


If you are one of those who accompany all TV series on cooking or is always summoned by family and friends to pilot the stove at events, then it’s time to make money with this skill.

Due to the lack of time that plagues most people, the home food market has great potential for growth.

As an alternative area of ​​action for individual clients, some restaurants usually use third-party services for specific cases.

Food production is one of the best options for starting a small business.

Home-made food is a focus on the food market. Home-made meals are an appetite booster.

Enjoy the accolades that come with making delicious home-made delicacies.

2. Art and Crafts


For those with excellent manual skills and creativity, craftsmanship is the best work from home jobs for you.

Many types of work developed that fit this classification include; painting, ornaments crafts, carton, fabric lining, ceramics, fabric, plaster, soaps designing, and much more.

In this aspect, your imagination is the limit. Art and craft are a market with lots of movements in the market.

3. Pet Hosting


Traveling has always been an issue for those who own pets. Where to leave their pets safe during their absence.

If you love pets and live in a home with enough space, you can consider this business idea and make money with what you love.

The increasing sophistication of the pet product market has ever since encouraged owners to spare no effort to give the best treatment to their pets.

In addition to the hosting service for pets, those who decide to opt for this type of business can offer other added services.

Services of hygiene, grooming and beauty, spaces for walk and games, swimming pools, socialization with other pets, and much more.

4. Sale of Imported Products


Working with the purchase of imported products is becoming increasingly common among people who opt for work from home jobs.

Whether with clothes, electronics, or household items, historically the consumers tend to value imported products.

One of the traditional ways of working with imported products is through direct purchase with the supplier.

In this case, you can get lower prices as you increase the quantity purchased. The advantage of direct import is to guarantee the quality control of the products.

The main disadvantage, in this case, is the need for space for the stock of products.

5. E-commerce Business


E-commerce tends to grow more and more. As our society becomes increasingly digital, people give preference for the convenience of buying online.

New generations are primarily responsible for this exponential growth.

Being a great way to make money online, the investment needed to start your business will depend on the type of product offered.

Also, the amount reserved for marketing and the cost of the hosting plan is decisive when evaluating the investment.

6. Coaching


Coaching works through questions that lead the client to reflections. At the end of a coaching session, the client should leave with one or more tasks to perform from the insights gained during the coaching.

Take advantage of these business ideas and start tutoring today.

7. Room Rental


When people travel, it is common to look for cheap alternatives in terms of hosting.

One of the most viable solutions, in this case, is renting a room in a family home. If you have a vacant place at home, you can offer this type of service.

Since the World Cup and the Olympics, the modality has been growing around the world.

During these two events, the demand for spaces to rent grew sharply among foreigners.

A lot of people make money through this simple service one of the main aspects to be successful in this type of business is detachment.

If you are one of those who value ​​your privacy a lot, it can be challenging to share the residence with strangers.

Now, if you enjoy meeting new people and value relationships, you already have the prerequisites of a great host and thrive on the business.

8. Photography/Videography


For those who possess photography skills, starting a home-based business in this industry can be promising.

The first step is to gather photos/video footages to compose a portfolio. Then it is essential to define a niche market where you will act.

Photography and Videography can help in targeting customers in an industry-specific niche. Such as:

  • Weddings photo/video shoot
  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • Birthdays photoshoot
  • Animals
  • Movie Shots
  • Music Shots
  • Comedy Skits
  • Natures
  • Product Shots
  • Trips, and much more.

Photography is a small business that is of high demand in the market.

9. Event Planner/Coordinator


Commemorative holidays are a robust market explored. Considering that most people like to celebrate, the willingness to invest in events is favorable.

The possibilities are many: birthdays, weddings, silver or gold wedding, baby showers, and even anniversaries of pets.

An event has several aspects that need attention. The photographic and video record is one of the most important.

If you have good knowledge of the area, you can choose to invest in the equipment.

The decor is another aspect to watch, as it can assume a high degree of importance depending on the type of event.

10. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is another lucrative work from home jobs. A Virtual Assistant is a good option if you have some experience in the area.

The resources needed to start this type of work are a telephone, a computer and internet access.

Depending on your experience, you can apply for jobs in large companies.

Now, if you’re starting, target small businesses, where partners do not have the time to enter system data or handle administrative tasks.

The Virtual Assistant can provide service to more than one company, this being a way to increase your income rapidly.

11. Private Teacher


With the popularization of communication applications, private lessons have gained even more space than the boundaries of a traditional classroom.

If you master any subject that can be taught at a distance, this can serve as one of the best work from home jobs for you.

12. Web Content Writer


With the exponential growth of the internet in recent years, many services have been created based on new technologies.

Most of these services find their success in creating quality content. Capturing and holding the user’s attention is not a simple task.

Therefore, the figure of a content creator for different sites is becoming increasingly important.

The content writer can work in many different contexts.

From the reformulation of institutional texts in existing sites, in the creation of ebooks for specific purposes, maintenance of blogs, revision of documents and even scripts for videos.

No matter the type of work, quality content contributes directly to increased traffic and consequent customer acquisition.

If you enjoy and master writing pretty well and have a few years of experience in some specific area, this one among the numerous business ideas is for you.

13. Language Translator


If you speak another language, you can work with a text translation.

Monographs, articles, technical manuals, translation of websites, blogs, and YouTube video subtitles are some possibilities within this field of activity.

If, in addition to language proficiency, you have experience with the technical vocabulary of some branch of business, the higher your chances of success.

In some areas, the demand for impeccable translators is excellent.

14. Web Developer


For those who have experience with computer programming, the opportunities to work from home are virtually unlimited.

The mastery of new technologies can guarantee massive participation in current projects. Make money doing simple web designing tasks.

15. Transcription of Texts


Transcribing audio files to text is a job that you can do at home with ease. You just need to get the MP3 file (or some other similar format) and have a good typing speed.

Currently, you can count on the help of some specific software for this type of work. Nevertheless, the need for human verification is essential.


Why the endless search for vacancies when no job can beat the financial freedom work from home jobs offers? Clothing repair or tailoring, social network manager, an affiliate of digital products, and designers are some bonus work from home jobs you can choose.

Now you have a list of the best work from home jobs that can be performed at the comfort of your couch.

So if all you ever desire is to avoid the endless vehicle horns in traffic or the “fix this” commands of your boss at the office, then a stay at home job is your best bet.

You may desire to spend quality time at home with your family and friends. Whatever your motivation is, the above business ideas can serve as inspiration when choosing your new activity.