24 Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram: The Definitive Guide

In this guide, you’re going to learn exactly how to make money on Instagram in 2020. Many people have been asking me some questions on how they can make money from home with their Instagram account.

So please read on, as I answer it in detail…

Instagram started as an image-sharing app, and over the years, it has continued to evolve because society loves social networks and visual media, today.

It has become a vital tool for marketers, celebrities, public figures, and even politicians to reach out to their audience and engaging their followers.

Photos, images, and videos thrive on this platform, and it is a giant colored digital magazine of pictures of the highest quality imaginable.

Instagram, over the past years, has become one of the most engaged platforms.

According to Instagram Press, it has more than 1 billion monthly users, of whom 72% are under 35 years of age, and more than 500 Million actively use it every day.

Since early 2019, the platform boasts of over 500,000 influencers actively engaging their followers on Instagram.

After sharing that new information about Instagram, join me as I walk you through on the 25 easy ways to make money with Instagram.

What are the Easy Ways to Make Money On Instagram In 2020?

Before diving into the easy ways to make money with Instagram, let’s quickly discuss how you can set up and optimize your Instagram account to increase visibility and engagement.

No jokes, making money with Instagram is not always easy. But when you follow the steps listed in this article, you’d be on your way to making your first money on Instagram.First, you need to set up your account and optimize it to be ready to attract the money.Setting up and optimizing your Instagram account will also help to increase your visibility and engagement.

So, follow these steps to set up your Instagram account and improve your profile visibility properly.

Step by Step:


Complete Your Bio

Completing your Bio is essential if you want to build loyalty and cult following.

Keep facts about you up to date by filling out your bio. Use that space to let your followers know who you are.

Filling your Bio will enable them to trust and follow you.

Add vital facts your followers would like to know, add contact information if you want, get a fresh theme and tagline to separate you from others.

Finally, add the your business address and location if any, so your followers can know you’re real.

Differentiate your brands from many other Instagram businesses in your niche.


Let Your followers Know you

People work with the people they know, like, and trust. People in your community may never see you in person, but they long to find out what typical day looks like in your life.

If you are a coach, you could share behind the scene pictures of you, your family, and staff and affirmations.

However, it is your decision as to what part of your private life you share online.

Just share what you feel is right, and you will increase your followers.


Make Constant Use of Relevant Hashtags

On Instagram, people use Hashtags to locate the content that they value. Always make use of hashtags that relate to each post you send out.

Carry out some research and find out the hashtags that others in your niche are using.

Make sure; you add a critical hashtag to each post. This strategy will help you to get fresh followers via each post.


Shoutout People You Admire

As you consider making money on Instagramdoing some free shoutout for people you admire will increase your visibility.

This method will help you be on the list of influencers you are following on Instagram.

In this strategy, write a touching post letting your community know the influencer’s books, program, or newest blog posts are valuable.

You may even share one of their Instagram posts and give credit to them. Sometimes, the influencer will want to return the favor by reposting and tagging you in their posts. That way, you will get more organic followers.

This method will help you engage with more people in your niche. And more potential followers on Instagram will get a recommendation that they should start following your profile.


Arrange Contests and Campaigns

You start a contest or campaign to enable you to create separate hashtags and have participants in a central place.

You may decide to start a campaign to make people like your images and start following you. 

You can offer exclusive deals for short periods and create a sense of urgency so that your followers act before the time you set elapses.

You may provide exclusive promotions or coupons and get your followers to engage in a contest.

Then ask them to tag a friend to qualify for the draw. When the campaigns are over, you can turn all the leads into sales.


Add Your Website/Blog Link to Your Bio

If you do not have a website or blog, start one immediately. A blog is the best way to connect with your audience and sell products and services to them and make money in return.Create a blog; it’s always easy to create a simple blog using WordPress or Wix, connect your Instagram account to your website or blog. Create videos, pictures, and posts with a clear call to action on them and send these followers to your blog or website and directly to the products you are selling.

If you cannot create videos, you can always repost videos and images related to your niche by using a reposting app.

Instagram does not support links to websites that you can click on, and that means the links must be retyped on the browser windows by your followers and others that want to buy from you.

PRO TIP: Add the link on your bio and ask your followers to check your bio for the link.

Tag your products by adding numbers to them so that they are easy to obtain. The products could be your own or affiliate products.

24 Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram In 2020

After priming your Instagram account, let us get started with the easy ways to make money with Instagram now.

1. Influencer marketing

Becoming an Instagram Influencer is a daunting task; however, the earning potential is equally high. If you put a lot of effort into building your audience, then you would have a lot of influence over them and make money off them.

To become influential, you must create valuable posts consistently and interact with followers genuinely. Imagine having over 20k followers who expect you to respond to their Direct Messages.

Engaging with those followers is time-consuming and can be very frustrating sometimes.

But you must brace up and meet the challenge head-on by creating life-changing posts and contents if you want to reap the benefits attached to that leading role.

​So, what are the steps to make money on Instagram as an Influencer?Now that you are clear about who is an influencer let us talk about how you can cash in on your influence over your followers.

Shoutouts: Depending on the number of engaged followers you have, you will get offers from people or Brands who want Shoutouts from you. They could come to you personally or by a Direct Message.

What does Shoutout mean? A Shoutout is a method of promoting a brand Instagram account or individuals accounts to your followers for a fee.

You could also approach brands or people and ask if they want Shoutouts from you and charge them a fee of up to $100 or more.

Some brands may request to see your audience base, engagements, and your account activity before they can hire you for a paid Shoutout.

Product and service promotions: This will require you to be more creative because product and services promotions involve blending your usual post and contents with brand promotion and make it look natural, so it does not sound promotional.

To find brands to promote, get your acts together, and pitch your Instagram business to specific brands that resonate with your tone of voice.

Make a commercial proposal to select brands and offer a free promotion through your Instagram feed, which could bring them leads and several customers.

You can make money through these brands later, and they must offer to give you testimonials and referrals in return.

Sell your products: With the prevalence of e-commerce, you can create your fashion brands and then have those items drop-shipped to your buyers, mainly due to your Instagram influencer role.

This business strategy is an insanely profitable venture as you have control of the product, how much to sell, how much profit you want to make, and the type of content you will use to promote the business.

2. Instagram Social Marketing Agency

Setting up an Instagram Social Marketing Agency is another way to make money on Instagram. Many companies target Instagram users who are mainly under 35 years of age.

All you need to do is to search for these companies run by people who are over 35 years of age.

Look for the deficient areas on their Instagram pages, write them and point it out to them and offer to improve it for a fee.

You can quickly get a lot of companies who would engage you to manage their accounts for them.

You could offer to grow Instagram account of these companies. You will be the one helping them create hashtags, and add captions while they create content, to improve their brand engagement.

3. Make money dropshipping

In this business model, you can sell a product without touching them or keeping inventory. Each time you get an order, you send the details of the customer to the supplier of the product, both the name, address and phone number.

Then the supplier will ship it to the buyer directly without you touching or seeing the product.

Amazing right?

This method is just like other methods of selling any product on Instagram. Set up a shop using the Shopify ecommerce platform free for the first 14 days, and experiment.

Get the best products that sell without spending any money. You can also use the Oberlo app for free dropshipping.

4. Sell your Photos and Virtual products

On Instagram, attractive photos sell a lot, and this is another way you can make money on Instagram. Initially, Instagram is a video and photo-sharing platform, even to date.Selling some of your professionally taken photos on Instagram won’t be a bad idea.However, you can sell a lot of things like drawings, animations, paintings, posters, videos, and other products that have video appeal.To sell these items, you have to include the link of your product page in your Instagram Bio, as earlier discussed.Create content with a call to action and ask your followers to check your Bio for the link.To increase the amount you can earn, if you have photographic skills extend what you sell to photo editing and composition services.Be creative and original when you take photos. Then, use Instagram hashtags that are relevant for these photos to promote them.

5. Make money selling other peoples product as an affiliate

Several brands sell their products by using affiliates who earn a certain percentage from the sales they make for the company.

Learn more in-depth guide on how you can make money advertising for companies.The only difference between Affiliates and Influencer sales is that as an affiliate, you try to sell a product to earn a commission directly from the product manufacturer.To make money as an affiliate on Instagram, you will need a website or landing page. Sites like Amazon Associates, Rakuten, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, and ShareAsale can’t accept you without a website.The website doesn’t need to look professionally designed.Pick a niche, head over to Namecheap, and get yourself a professional domain name; this would cost you not less than $10.

After paying for your domain name, head over to wordpress.com to link your domain name with your WordPress blog. Create legal pages like Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Us, and Term of Service page.Write 3 to 5 informative posts on your selected niche. Then apply for the Amazon affiliate program.

Amazon will approve your website; however, you will need to make at least one sale within 180 days, or your account would be deactivated.Pick a product from your selected niche from Amazon. And make sure you install or add Amazon affiliate link to your blog.In every post you recommended a product to your audience, you must add your Amazon affiliate link there.To promote these affiliate products, add the link of each product page you want to promote in your Instagram Bio.Create a short content/post on Instagram telling your followers how this product has helped you achieve your desired skin (That’s if it is a beauty product)You don’t have to buy the product before creating the post. You can pick some good reviews from the verified buyers on Amazon who have already purchased and tested the product.


When picking a product in your niche, select the products with the highest rating and reviews. Also, for a higher affiliate commission, select a product above $50

Note that you can have only one affiliate link in your Instagram Bio. So, you can add landing pages for any affiliate product you promote.Add to each of those landing pages, links that tell your followers or readers that they can buy the products straight through your link on your Instagram Bio.To expand your affiliate marketing using Instagram. You can create more valuable content and product reviews on your website and drive traffic from Instagram to your product pages.You can as well link to other social media marketing platforms to drive more traffic like crazy.

6. Make money as a coach

If you are thinking of another way to make money with Instagram, selling your coaching program would be a better idea.

You must not be an expert to create and sell your coaching.You have heard people say that the money is in having a list.But Instagram does not allow building an email list on their platform.To solve this problem. Send the traffic from your Instagram page to a landing or squeeze page.Offer them a free downloadable e-book. It could be on how to build an Instagram account, or something related to your niche.Use Mailchimp or OptinForm to create a form that would enable you to collect their email address.Tell them to put their emails so they could be able to download the free report on how to grow an Instagram account from zero to 10k followers. You can then start selling your coaching program to this list.Note: This method varies; if your niche is in the dating niche, you could offer them a free report on how to get their EX back. And vice versa.

7. Start an E-commerce Business

Starting an e-commerce business is another way to make money on the Instagram platform.

It is usually hard to start a new thing. Still, like all other businesses, it is a matter of deciding to learn what you must and stick around to find something that works instead of quitting.

  • The advantages: easy set up using Shopify, and you do not need technical skills to do that. You can choose a business model where you do not have to keep any inventory, order from a supplier who ships straight to your customer.
  • Disadvantages: are that this business is competitive as many companies sell the same product as you. You must pay some costs like Shopify monthly fees, ads, test the product and email providers.

Choosing the best eCommerce platform

Select the right e-commerce platform from either Shopify or WooCommerce. Considering the cost, Shopify is a little bit costly, but it’s my favorite.

Shopify can ease the stress for you; they got you covered with every tool needed to build a successful store as fast as possible. Click here to sign up for Shopify 14 days trial.

At the Woocommerce, hosting service is low when you start, and it is not hard to set up your e-shop.

A vital tool you need that works on either e-commerce platforms is the spocket app that lets you see verified US and EU suppliers. 

Spocket offers branded invoicing, which will be uniform with your Instagram page.

How do you integrate ecommerce on Instagram?

You display your product and use Instagram to send traffic to your store. Post quality image and content to your Instagram account.

Relate with other people on Instagram that have ecommerce stores selling the same type of products as you.

Next, engage with those that comment and like your posts, and soon these people you are interacting with might buy from your store.

8. Make Money as a Freelancer on Instagram

Do you know you can make money on Instagram as a Freelancer? No, you don’t, or do you?

Well, I will tell you how.

Today, many people do more freelancing jobs as of now due to the flexibility and possibilities of working for different companies instead of going to a regular 9 to 5 job.

In a report by LinkedIn, they forecast that 50% of Americans will work as freelancers by the year 2020. Forbes also has the same news.

However, this depends on the type of skills you have acquired.

Video creation, production, and editing are some of the lucrative and less competitive niches to make money as a freelancer on Instagram.

The reason has been that many people are into video content creation and probably need video editors to shoot and edit their videos.Here are some lists of industries that might need the service of video editors: