Get Lower Auto Insurance Quotes By Fitting Anti-Theft Devices

When it comes to buying the comprehensive cover, the rates will vary quite dramatically between states depending on the number of vehicles stolen per year and the number recovered.

The more serious the losses are likely to be incurred by the insurers, the higher the auto insurance quotes. This makes it both a personal and a political issue.

For you as an individual, it starts with the choice of make and model. Some are a lot easier to steal than others. Some are not considered worth stealing by the thieves.

You can find lists of the best makes and models to buy.

Similarly, the insurance industry publishes an annual listing of theft rates by state and city showing the safest and most dangerous places to leave your vehicle.

If you live in a hot spot, you can expect your auto insurance quotes to start high but, if you fit anti-theft devices, you can earn discounts to make the rates more affordable.

What anti-theft devices can you fit?

At the cheapest end of the scale, you buy anything visible that will slow down a thief. The longer it will take to steal your vehicle, the more a thief is deterred.

This includes steering wheel locks and devices to hold the brake and gas pedals. You can then move up to immobilizers that will switch off the electrical supply or the gas, and alarm systems to make a loud noise if your vehicle is disturbed.

If all your devices have failed, you fall back on the GPS tracking systems which give your vehicle’s precise location for recovery purposes.

As always, before you add to or modify your vehicle, talk with your insurer to confirm you will earn a discount by fitting the particular devices. That way, you will get the best value.

What are the political implications?

The reason for high theft rates and poor vehicle recovery rates is because the state and city do not make vehicle theft a high priority. Only a small budget is allocated and the chances of a thief being caught are small.

Because your tax dollars are not being spent on proper law enforcement, you have to face higher auto insurance quotes. This should be an election issue, and if your interests are not protected, you should vote in politicians who promise to reduce your premium rates.

Why get multiple auto insurance quotes?

No matter what you are buying, it’s always better to shop around before committing yourself. That way, you know the range of prices in the market and can judge whether you are going to get value for your hard-earned dollars.

It’s precisely the same when it comes to buying insurance. If you pick an insurer at random or rely on the recommendation of a friend, it’s straight luck as to whether you get high or low auto insurance quotes.

Only when you have quotes from several insurers can you begin to make a judgment on how much you need to spend to get the coverage you need.

What to do with the auto insurance quotes

Do not simply look at the annual premium rates. To make a proper judgment, you must compare the terms of the coverage. Maybe you are not sure whether to stay with the mandatory minimum coverage or pay for more cover. Or what the effect of increasing the deductible will be.

The only way you find out is by getting multiple quotes and then comparing the results.

Why are you asked for your zip code?

The law limits your choice on insurance companies. You can only get quotes and buy from an insurer based in the state where you live. That means the first step is always to confirm your permanent residence.