How to Make Money Advertising For Companies

Many people have sought for subtle ways of making money, even if it is a side income or full-time job. Well, there are many conventional and unconventional ways by which you can make money, and one of them is by advertising for companies, or marketing their product and services.

One of the unconventional ways of making money is by affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketer is someone who earns commision by promoting or helping companies to carry out advertisement of their products and services to the right audience.

It may sound out of place that a company would pay you to help them with their advertising when you are not an advertising agency.

The truth is that you can earn money by doing advertising for companies and I would be showing you how. I have used most of these tips, and they were quite effective for me and maybe beneficial for you as well.

Here is a list of ways you can make money by advertising for companies.

Use your car as a means of advertising


Car wrap advertisement - credit: shutterstock

Do you know that you can generate income by using your car to advertise for companies? Sure, you can. By using car wrapping materials like a vinyl covering, you can advertise a particular brand in your car and get people to see it.

Companies pay you based on the extent of wrapping on your car. They pay more when you have a total wrapping on your car, as that is more attractive and eye-catching.

If you do not feel comfortable having a full car wrapping, you may use partial wrapping on just a single side of your car. However, every company has their payment type, method, and type of car they use for this mode of advertising.

The use of mobile advertising is becoming more popular amongst different companies because of its reach and level of engagement. A company would ensure that you cover a particular distance before you are paid.

After carrying out the advertising for the agreed period, the vinyl wrapping can be easily removed from your car.

Drivers running ads campaigns with their cars are expected to have clean driving records to avoid tainting the image of the brand. I like this means of advertising, particularly because I don't have to do anything else than enjoy a ride on my car running everyday errands while I smile to the bank.

As a point of warning, you must be careful of the car wrap company you deal with as there has been an increasing rate of fake wrap companies. You are not to pay any money to a car wrap company; rather, you are to receive payment for getting your car wrapped and advertising a particular brand.

Always ensure that you deal with car wrap companies by using official channels of communication instead of informal communication means.

Post company ads on your social media feeds

Your social media platforms is not just a place where you post beautiful pictures and fun videos, and it is a place where you can make good money. There millions of people on social media, and you can help companies to reach out to these people and get paid while doing so.

Sponsored Tweets is a company that offers social media users the opportunity to make money while posting ads on their social media feeds. You have to meet certain requirements before you can qualify to use the platform.

Some may require you to have a certain number of followers, and your account must have been existing for a while. When dealing with companies that allow you to post their ads on your social media pages in exchange for money, you need to be careful.

No one should ever ask you to pay money before you can join an advertising program. When you come across such a scenario, you should know that it could be a red flag or scam alert!

Post ads on your blog

Blogging is a lucrative means of making money by advertising for companies. Starting a blog is quite easy, and the returns of blogging may come in the long run if you are patient, consistent, and engaging with your content.

Most bloggers generate income from Google AdSense and the use of other advertising strategies. You may earn little or nothing when you first start with blogging, but as your blog grows in terms of views and audience engagements, you can begin to make money.


Google AdSense Publishers Dashboard. Credit: shutterstock

Google AdSense pays you per each click on your blog, and they automatically place ads on different pages and locations in your blog.

One other way you can make money by advertising through blogging is to sell advert slots on your blog. You may need to do a little more work to convince brands to advertise on your blog.

But if your blog is a well-known blog in a particular niche, then you may not have to worry much about getting advertisers, as some companies will contact you for a sponsored post and Ads placement.

Getting advertisers pays quite higher and gives you control over the type of advert you want to display on your blog. If you have been able to grow your blog to a point where you get over 50,000 number of views in a month, you may have so many advertising options to choose from.

AdThrive and Mediavine are two advertising options you may want to consider for your blog. These advertising companies have their guidelines and lay down rules which must be accepted before they can do business with you.

Become a brand influencer on social media


Brand influencer - credit: shutterstock

Like I stated earlier, you can make some money by advertising for companies using your social media platform. If you are someone who has a lot of followers on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you can monetize your large follower base by becoming a brand influencer.

A brand influencer is someone that creates awareness about other brands and get paid for it. Advertisers are constantly on the lookout for people with a huge fan base on social media to help promote their brands.

As a brand influencer, you can write about a brand in your post or make a video that shows you making use of a particular brand. Let your followers know the usefulness of a product or service and ensure that you are transparent about each product to avoid denting your image.

It is also advisable that you accept to influence those brands you are comfortable with. Do not influence brands that conflict with your ideology and beliefs as a person all because you want to make some money online.

Joining influencer groups can also be a way to meet advertisers and interact with other influencers.

Tattoo Advertising


Tattooing - credit: shutterstock

Tattooing your body as a means of advertising may sound unusual, but it is fast gaining prominence in the advertising world. More and more people are using this medium to earn money.

The process of tattooing the skin for advertising purposes is referred to as Skinvertising. The visibility of the tattoo on your body plays a significant role in how you will be paid.

Tattoos used for advertising purposes are temporary and may be wiped off after the expiration of the contract. One great way to start advertising with your skin is through companies such as Craiglist or eBay.

Ensure that the company you are planning to do business with is a legit company before you accept their terms.

You can promote ads on clothing materials

Most companies pay a huge sum of money to get celebrities and other popular figures to wear a caption of their brand on tee-shirts face caps or any clothing material. Well, you do not have to be a celebrity before you can help companies advertise their brands on your customized tee-shirts.

Some companies offer this service to people who are ready to do so. Finding such companies may be a little tasking, but you can begin your search by using the Facebook marketplace or Fiverr. Who knows! You may be on your way to making cool cash by wearing a material that displays the logo of your local brand.


I hope I have been able to stir up a business drive in you by letting you know of those ways you can make money by advertising for companies. Spending money is cool, but making money requires you to make some conscious effort.

One such effort you can use to make money is through advertising. Driving your car to work, grocery shop, school, etc. might fetch you some bucks if you understand the concept of mobile advertising. Brands are ready to pay you for displaying adverts of their products or service on the body of your car.

I have also explained how you can make money by advertising for companies on your blog or website. If your blog enjoys high views, then you can make money through Google AdSense or negotiate with other brands to advertise their products or services on your blog.

Well, you may choose to join the business of skinvertising by using your skin as an advertising medium. You can become a brand influencer and help different companies to create awareness about their products or services, especially if you have large social media followers.

Why not start today and make money advertising for companies. You've any idea of making money by advertising for companies that is not listed here? Please let me know in the comment box.