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As a personal finance expert who has been in the industry for twenty years and who is married to a realtor of eight years, I am set to help you achieve your money goals. With the help of my husband Edwin Carter, we will be bringing to you financial tips that can help you live within your means, save some money, invest, use loan and other credit properly and grasp the basics of insurance.

Whether you want to take a mortgage or you want to earn more money, hotmoneyblog.com has all the information you need for a brighter financial future. We are passionate about helping individuals who are finding it difficult to save or make money from the comfort of their home. This blog is an avenue to reach people who want to change their financial future and stay in control of their money.

Patricia and Edwin Carter will infuse their combined experience with handling money to give you all the resources you need to succeed in the world of money. If you are seeking advice in any of the categories that we cover, then hotmoneyblog.com is a place you should frequent to change your financial story.