How to Make Money Taking Paid Online Surveys

Need an easy way to earn money? Well, you may want to consider taking part in paid online surveys. You can earn passive income or make easy money through participation in paid online surveys.

Carrying out surveys is not a tasking job. It may involve more than some level of commitment and time to make it work.

The process is quite simple if you are ready to begin.

So how much do you think you can make from participating in paid surveys? You could make some money by taking paid online surveys, you may use your free time to earn money with less stress.

You may be able to use paid surveys to receive products online for free.

There are companies who need to appraise their performance through feedback. looking for ways to get feedback on their services and products.

Companies are also searching for ideas from members of the public to help them improve their services standard or product quality. 

How to get started with paid online surveys

It may seem very simple to carry out paid surveys, but the process of getting started may take a little time. Several survey sites can help you make the process easier.

We shall highlight the best-paid survey sites where you can earn easy money while taking paid online surveys.

The following are steps you can take to make money through paid online surveys:


Sign up with the best paid online surveys sites


One easy way to make money online is to sign up with the best survey sites that pays. As mentioned earlier, several paid online survey sites are willing to offer you money in return for your opinions or ideas about a particular product or service. 

These paid online survey sites are often contracted by reputable companies to provide them with accurate and well-structured surveys to assist them in carrying out plans or projections. 

After finding some of the best-paid survey sites, you are a step away from making money through paid surveys. There are some of the best survey sites that pay 


Create and fill out your paid online survey profile

You will have to fill out your profile, which may include your bio-data, occupation, marital status, level of education, and other relevant information, which may be necessary for giving you specific paid surveys.

Your profile is what is mostly used to pick out surveys that are relevant to you. If you are single, you may not be given a survey that involves products or services for married couples.

Conversely, one who is in the medical profession may not handle surveys relating to engineering. It is, therefore, essential to provide accurate details when signing up on paid online survey sites.


Get surveys

After filling out and submitting your profile information on the paid online survey site, the next thing is to wait for some time to receive the surveys through your email.

To make easy money from carrying out online surveys, you may need to accurately fill the survey form and not just give any random answers.

Most surveys are aimed at specific niches and come in different categories. A look at the best paid survey sites shows that you may be required to take some minutes to answer a couple of pre-survey questions in particular demography.

A pre-survey helps to ascertain if you meet a particular demography after the successful completion of pre-survey questions.

The site will determine if you fit that demography or not before giving you the actual survey itself.


Take surveys


Online survey checklist – Credit: shutterstock

Taking paid online surveys is time-bound and requires that you complete the surveys within a particular time. You should adhere strictly to the time allotted for each survey.

However, in most cases, some questions asked in a survey site may be simple or complex, but that only depends on the requirement of the company.

It may require you to thick a particular option or write down some words on the spaces provided for that purpose.


Get your rewards


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An easy way to make money online, like taking paid online surveys may not be as easy as expected if you fail to adhere to simple rules.

Paid online survey sites require that you meet the deadline for completion and ensure that no question is left unanswered. After fulfilling your part of the bargain, you can have your reward. 

Rewards may come in the form of cash, vouchers, gift cards, or products. Some online survey sites pay online through PayPal and other online payment gateways.

You may be able to withdraw your money to your bank account after your total earnings reach a certain amount.

The reward process differs from one survey site to the other. Some survey sites may award you points that you can use to redeem your reward.

Other sites pay online, which you can get directly in your PayPal account. Below, we have highlighted and identify the best survey sites that pays cash.

Here are the best online survey sites that pay cash

If you want to make easy money, then these paid online survey sites may provide you with an easy way to make money online.

Below are some of the best online survey sites that pays cash, and they include the following: 

#1  Swagbucks

Swagbucks is among the best survey sites that pay well. They give out over seven thousand gift cards daily. They offer an instant $5 when you sign up. They are a sure way to make money online through paid surveys.

#2  Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another good-paying survey site. You stand a chance of making money to the tune of $70 from carrying out surveys on their platform. Survey Junkie has $5 minimum redemption and $10 minimum cash out, which is quite impressive.

#3  Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars is undoubtedly one of the best survey sites that pay cash. They also provide free $5 reward as a bonus when you sign up on the website.

#4  PineCone Research

Pinecone Research pays online either through PayPal, Visa, and other payment options. The minimum payment per survey is $3. PineCone also offers sweepstake entries and gift cards as rewards. 

#5  LifePoints

Lifepoints has over 5 million users and makes the list of the best survey sites that pay cash. Lifepoints offers members a minimum cashout of $5. The good thing about Lifepoints is that you can get paid even if disqualified. 

#6  Opinion Outpost

Just like LifePoints, Opinion Outpost, also pays members who get disqualified from taking part in the survey process. It is a sure easy way to make money because they pay you for referring your friends.

#7  Toluna

Toluna is a very efficient paid online survey sites and offers different forms of rewards to members after participating in online polls. They pay online through PayPal or offer merchandise or gift cards.

#8  Survey Savvy

Unlike most paid online survey sites, Survey Savvy has a low payment threshold of $1, which means that you can withdraw your money immediately after earning. The Survey Savvy panel is available to members worldwide.

#9  Earning Station

Apart from offering surveys. Earning station also gives members the chance to shop, play games and watch videos. They pay through PayPal and offer prepaid Gift Cards as well.

#10  Global Test Market

Global Test Market is one of the best survey sites that pay online because they have a large database of surveys and also offer payment to their members for referrals.

They also provide cash payment through PayPal and give out gift cards as other forms of reward.

#11  Survey Monkeys

Survey Monkey is a handy tool that offers users the opportunity of creating their surveys using templates and a well-designed question format.

Survey Monkey comes with a free version and other paid versions that are more advanced and highly efficient. Using the survey monkey software is quite easy because it comes with self-guarded tutorials.

With just simple steps, you may be able to learn how to create your surveys by using the survey monkey tools.

It was created and designed by Barbara Schroeder and Chris Haskell. The duo can be seen on their YouTube channel, teaching users how to use the survey monkey tool.

There is a wide range of survey templates available on Survey Monkey’s software. Each type of survey fits a  particular demographic area.

The following are types of survey templates provided by Survey Monkey.

  • Health care surveys
  • Surveys on customer satisfaction.
  • Market research surveys
  • Surveys on online research
  • Event planning and meeting surveys
  • Academic or project research surveys
  • Non-profit surveys
  • Event planning and meeting surveys


Carrying out paid online surveys may not be a full-time job, but it is an easy way to make money.

We have looked at different paid online survey sites and identified some of the best online survey sites that pay cash and offer other forms of reward.

We have also outlined the steps you can take if you want to make money through paid online survey site.

We advise that you follow these simple steps. The most important thing to note is that an online survey is a sure way to earn passive income while surfing on the net.