11 Ways to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

Wondering how you can save some money from your cell phone bill?

Well, paying so high for your phone bills may put a strain on your already piled up bills. You can save up some money and reduce your phone bills by doing the following:

1. Make use of autopay

Signing up for an automatic payment with wireless carriers could give you a $5 reduction or even up to a $10 cut on their phone bills.

Some wireless carriers like T-mobile offer their customers a discount of $5 per line.

Some telephone carriers may not accept credit cards for their automatic payment options. Yet, you will have to link your debit card or checking account.

2. Use a prepaid billing system

Using a prepaid carrier is a great way to reduce the bills on your cell phone.

A data plan of 5GB may cost $40 per month without the inclusion of an autopay discount.

Boost mobile may cost data subscribers on the prepaid platform about $100 in a month.

However, it may cost about $200 without a discount. You can save up to $60 monthly on your phone bill.

3. Remove or change the insurance on your cell phone

Cell phone carriers give their customers different tariff plans that can help them save money on their cell phone bills.

These options may include insurance cover, technical support, or an extension of their warranty period.

Using a good insurance policy on your cell phone may help you in cases where you lose your phone and also provide a better tariff option for you.

When you switch from an insurance premium plan to a basic insurance plan, you may be able to save some few bucks.

Meanwhile, when you completely do away with an insurance policy on your cell phone. You may save even more money and end up spending less on your cell phone bills.

Some insurance policy providers for cell phones charge their customers up to a hundred or even three hundred dollars as deductible fees for insurance cover.

If you feel vulnerable after stopping your insurance cover, you may want to consider making use of consumer protective products such as Square Trade or Apple care+.

4. Ignore phone upgrade

Your cell phone is designed to last for more than two years. However, some persons may choose to sell their smartphones after 12 months.

Doing so may mean that you may have to spend extra money to pay for your new phone within one year.

It is advisable to wait for the period when your phone requires a replacement before you decide to upgrade your phone to a higher model or something classier.

You may even want to consider getting a used cell phone to avoid spending so much money on brand new phones.

At least getting a used cell phone is a viable option on how you can save money on your cell phone bills.

5. Get a discount if available

Government employees, the staff of some companies, former and current service members, etc., may qualify for a certain level of discount when using their cell phones for some specific service.

One way you can find out if you qualify for such a discount is to call your service provider or go into a mobile store to find out.

You may need to verify your status either with the use of an active email address or by using a pay stub to get a discount.

6. You can make use of add lines

Using add lines may be helpful and could also be counterproductive. Your bills may increase if you add many lines, but from another perspective, you can split the bills with other people, which may reduce the amount you pay.

Let’s take, for example, that you subscribe to an 8GB data plan of about 90$, adding four other lines to share the data with you may cost you $37.50 for each line, which is excluding of fees, taxes, and device charges.

7. Ensure that your service address is updated

If you have moved to a new location, you have to make sure that you update your service address. Fees and taxes are charged based on your current location.

Take, for example, you move from Oregon to Washington DC; you may be saving up to $110 on the average. This particular figure is based on your usage; yet, the figure may rise for a family service plan.

The process of updating your cell phone services address is straightforward. It may only need you to visit their website, enter your dashboard, and effect the changes under the option of “change user profile.”

It is the same process you will take when changing your billing address.

8. Make use of Wi-Fi if you can

When you have an available wireless network connection, you should try to use it as that is a great way if you are looking for how to save money online.

Downloading or streaming movies, videos, or large files may consume a lot of data.

When you do not have a secure wireless connection nearby, it is advisable to wait till you have one.

It is important that you do not exceed your data limit as you may be charged excessive amounts if you do so. So service carriers charge as much as $15 at the instant you exceed your limit.

You may decide to sign up for alerts to warn you when you are getting close to using up your data.

You should also ensure that you make use of 4G/LTE only when there is a need for it. Otherwise, you may use up your data within a short period and be prompted to re-subscribe to a data plan.

9. Limit the use of background data

Even when phone users do not make use of the 4G/LTE network, most of the apps on the phone may be running and making use of the network to update or save cache.

You may not be browsing, but your data is still being used. Well, not to worry as you change to prevent this from happening by adjusting the cellular data settings on your phone.

To do this, go to your phone’s settings and look for where cellular and background data usage can be adjusted.

Turn it off by turning off background data usage. This means that your apps won’t be running in the background, especially when you are not browsing with your phone. You can as well save your battery and your cell phone bill.

10. Do away with those things you do not use

Looking at your monthly cell phone bill will give you an idea of what you are paying for and whether some of those things are relevant or not.

You may be paying for services you do not use, and they may end up increasing your monthly bills. If you feel you may not need some services such as enhanced voice mail, emergency assistance by the roadside, 411, unlimited data, etc. you can do away with them.

If you do not need some of these extra services, then you should consider changing your tariff plan to accommodate only those features you feel are necessary.

If you do not spend long hours talking on the phone, then you may consider a tariff plan that does not need many minutes.

And if you are not a heavy data user, you should switch to a plan that comes with less data so that you won’t have to waste your data without using it up completely.

Some service carriers may provide users with a prepaid option. Others charge you for only what you consume.

11. Avoid buying contract phones.

Contract phones are those phones whereby the phone company may need you to sign a contract with them, stating that you will use their phone for a stipulated period.

The phone company may even put a ridiculous large cancellation fee so you would not think of switching carriers.

Their call rates and data charges may be very high, but you may have little or nothing to do about it because you need to abide by the terms of the contract.

You can consider buying a phone that has no form of contractual agreement attached to it. Some phones are regarded as “unlock phones which can allow you to use any sim card of your choice.

You may get a good used phone and get the liberty of choosing or changing your carrier whenever you deem fit while saving cost.


The high cost of cell phone bills has eaten into the savings of most cell phone owners. If you are looking for how to save money on your cell phone bills, then the tips shared above are a great start for you.

You should also make use of a secure Wi-Fi connection when you have the opportunity either at work or at home.

Also, avoid buying contract phones and change your carrier when you feel that you are overcharged