6 Ways to Save Money on Clothes Shopping

With the state of the economy, more people than ever are making an effort to be frugal. One of the most significant variables in a person’s budget is clothing, especially if there are growing children in the household.

By trying a few new ideas that I would be sharing in this article, you can get trendy, quality clothes, while saving a whole lot of money.

Buy Used Clothes

While some are incredibly reluctant to try such a thing, one may be pleasantly surprised. Thrift and consignment stores have gently used and sometimes brand new clothing with tags still on for up to 90% off the original price.

However, you can also save on other items like jewelry, watches, baby items, electronics, home and garden equipments, etc.

Many have bonus discounts on certain days of the week. Check out rummage sales in upscale neighborhoods for great bargains too. Think of it as a treasure hunt!

Shop End-of-Season Sales

When stores are about to make room for the new season’s clothes, they drastically reduce the prices of the clothing they need to move out.

Keep an eye out for particular items that are costly, like winter boots and coats. Also, stock-up on things you can always use like socks, underwear, and t-shirts.

Tip: Try to buy classic styles so that the item won’t look out of date when it is used next year.

Clothes Shopping Online


Online shop. credit: shutterstock

Stores like Lands End and JC Penney have outlet sections on their website where they sell high-quality clothes at a fraction of the original price.

Most brick and mortar stores also have an online store, so check a favorite store’s website for clearance deals. The costs can vary quite a bit from the actual store.

Look In the Closet

Many people can find new purpose in the clothes they already have in their closet without ever having to pull out their wallet.

Be Practical

Many people shop with their hearts instead of thinking through their purchases.

What I’m I trying to say? You might fall in love with a particular shirt, but on getting home, you realized that you don’t have any pants, a skirt, or shoes that go with the shirt.

Shoppers should mentally go through their closet before purchasing an item to make sure they have several items that go together with the new item before buying it.

Avoid Credit Pitfalls

When clothes shopping, it’s convenient to pull out a credit card to cover new purchases.

However, if a person does not pay off that credit card. Each month, he will be charged additional interest on the item he is buying, making it much more than the original price tag.

In the long run, he will be paying too much for the item, and possibly still be paying for it after he no longer owns it.

Wrap Up

For many, clothes shopping is a fun experience. Many people even regard it as a hobby. If consumers can keep in mind several of these suggestions when they find themselves in need of clothing, they will save more money than they expected while they shop.